Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Jose Residents Have Longest Life Spans In U.S.

I knew living in San Jose was good but WoW longest lifespan in the US!!!
Makes you want to move here doesnt it? I am a little surprised but in a good way.

SAN JOSE (CBS 5) — San Jose has topped a list of U.S. cities where residents enjoy the longest life spans.
A study by The Daily Beast and the Centers for Disease Control looked at decades worth lifespan data to find out in which cities people lived the longest.
Watch the video report.
In San Jose, the average life expectancy was 79.2 years for men, 82.9 years for women.
Following San Jose on the list, San Francisco came in 6th. Men there live an average of 75.9 years, while women live 82.52 years. Oakland also made the list, coming in 15th. There, men live 76.4 years on average, women 81.2 years.
Even tourists like Mack Gillen of Ireland could be found basking in San Jose's youthful glow. "I'm not surprised people live longer because it's laid back, it's relaxed," he said.
It seems as if the farther west you go, the better the longevity. Only two cities in the northeast made the cut.
The west coast had the majority of the spots on the list of 20 cities, with California having the most out of all the states.
The study did not specify why people in the top cities listed were living longer.
The full list can be found at this link.



This is great, we should take them for example, observe their way of life. There must be some kind of secret for their longer life span.
May be they do sports more often.

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DaniVan said...
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niceholiday said...

Their way of life is really something everyone should consider.May be their longer life due to some kind of special food, sport or just their different point of view.

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Sam Moves said...

Many people underestimate the importance of healthy lifestyle. We should follow the example of San Jose's folks in more ways than we even consider. It definitely pays off.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly I am not surprised.People there prefer to life healthy and peaceful life so they are stronger than us.

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