Monday, January 03, 2011

Making selling easier for 2011

This article has a number of good tips!
I would advise sellers to not only look at homes at open houses but to get in the car with their realtor and actually tour the best comps that are close to their area.
That way they know they will be in line with the listings that come up as comps in their area.
Also I would advise for sellers to be more flexible as well. NO MORE APPOINTMENT ONLY listings.
This completely reduces the pool of available buyers by reducing their access to the home.
This is a terrible trend listing agents started when almost all homes were short sales and reos.
As the market begins to return to normal be the first seller to return to flexible viewing times in your area, as you will get a higher sale price with more buyers having access.
I think getting it listed before the rush this year is beneficial as well.
Keep dogs outside or in the garage if at all possible when buyers view the home.
Have all disclosures and inspections done early or before the home is listed to help the sales process. Hope this has been helpful!

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